Testing out a new deployment system

May 3rd, 2022 - Devops, Infra & Vps

This is a test, please don’t ignore! Or well, you can, but it’s only a quick one, all about how I’m trying to hack together some static-site publishing from my ipad.

What my previous static site deployment looked like:

What’s happening here? Well to get this post onto my website the following steps must have happened:

The main goal here was to enable me to “deploy” a static site using only ‘cloud-native’ tooling so that I can update it from any device that I have access from. I’m in the process of automating and improving how I’ve been hosting more traditional (read static & WordPress) websites over the past month or so, hopefully I’ll be able to write more posts soon about how I’m doing it. Heck I might even share the code/config I have if it’ll be useful for others.

Of course, if you’re not reading this, then it didn’t happen… so I must have broken something somehow 🤔 and that tree probably didn’t make a sound. But you are, and it did, so woop. Here’s a random image to both celebrate and prove that the static image stuff is working too!

Two officey people high-fiving