Reboot all the Things

October 29th, 2018 - Travel & Personal

Nothing is new, everything is rebooted, cloned, redone, reimagined and generally rehashed a million billion times until we stop noticing that it’s more of the same twaddle. Unfortunately, I quite like this domain so I figure that I’ll just stick with it now that I’m giving blogging another go :D

After my last jaunt traveling I kind of lost the drive to write any words. As an update, I got back from my euro-jaunt towards the end of 2017 and ended up re-settling in the UK again. I’ve been back here for a little over a year now and by Jove do I have itchy feet. As such, I’m off again! In a few weeks, my wife and I fly to Singapore. I’ll be starting a new job as a Senior Dev by the end of November and hopefully settling in to be a long-term resident.

In all honesty… I’m bloody terrified.

One thing that I did gain from the past year or so is that (I think) I know myself a bit better than I used to. I’ve learned is that I’m definitely not a natural traveler. I’m not an explorer. James T. Kirk would be appalled at my adventure-introversion. Picard… well I’m sure we can guess his thoughts on the matter.

But I think I’ve come to accept this about myself. It’s maybe ok that I’m not like all the drop-shipping, full-moon-partying nomads on Reddit, that can teach you the best way to travel if only you’ll like and subscribe using the links below. As long as my slightly-less-galavanty version of globetrotting makes me happy, then gosh fuck it that’s what I’ll bloody well do.

Anywho, this was rather a roundabout way of declaring this blog re-open. The theme won’t change: nerdiness, travel & some code, but I might focus a little more on Singapore and expatting for a little while.

That or “what to do when you get fired on your first day at a new job and are about to get thrown out of the country”.

Wish me luck!