Hello World!

February 15th, 2017 - Meta & Travel

Here begins my blog. I’ve contemplated starting one of these for several years now but, like many things, I’ve only just gotten around to actually doing it.

As an introduction to me: I’m a British nerd from the internet, wot travels a bit. As such, a lot of the things I write about will be nerdy, internety or experiences from the things I come across on my travels (more about me).

This blog is all about giving a more geeky/developerey/introverted viewpoint on the world of remote-working whilst travelling the world (digital nomadism if you’re not afraid of labels). I’ll try and be useful where I can and, where I can’t, I’ll at least try and keep it interesting.

Anywho, that’s hello for now. If you have any thoughts, requests or suggestions then hit me up on twitter and hope this lil blog o’ mine can be of some use.

Happy Trails!

- Jason