A Place Called Home

March 7th, 2017 - Travel

One of the initial justifications for this international jaunt upon which I find myself was the goal of finding a new forever home. A new place I can refer to myself as “being from” and somewhere that was empirically better than where I’d been before.

I tend to prefer innovation via trial-and-error in my professional life so surely the concept would fit perfectly well when choosing where to eek out the rest of my years right?

At a month in, I think I was, as per usual, rather naive. That’s not to say that I was wrong though. I do think that this will be a damn good way to figure out the place, and probably more importantly the kind of place, that makes me more happy. But I definitely don’t think it’s anywhere near as black and white as I thought it was. A lot of this isn’t about finding happiness in a place, or maximising the number of daylight hours or minimising living cost while maximising lifestyle. I think really the trick is to use the fun new experiences, events and memories to help inform the kind of person I want to be and the lifestyle I want to have. I think in that way the travelling is useful twofold: not only do I learn by having new experiences but it gives me an understanding of what different parts of the world are like, and seeing how they’ll fit in with & support what is going to make me a happier person.

Now I realise, that this may sounds pretty fucking obvious to most. But I really did start out on this trip thinking that it was a simple case of investigating the pros and cons, recording the HP, MP & DEX of all the places I go to and using it all to work out the best of the top trump city cards to play for the next 50 years before I die. Thinking about it now, that sounds bloody morbid doesn’t it?

So, I ’m going to crack on with mooching around the globe, seeing what bits of life keep the smiley face the right way round and hopefully figuring out a bit more about what makes me tick.

Heh, shit, maybe I just need a hobby? :D

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